August 26, 2014

Twilio <Skills> Launches

by John Hathaway

Radical Skills is excited to announce the launch of Twilio <Skills>, self-paced elearning that provides a guided path for developers to get started with the Twilio platform. Designed to accompany Twilio’s current documentation, it provides developers with hands-on practice sending text messages, making phones ring, and turning a web browser into a phone with code.

The Twilio <Skills> elearning was designed around the specific learning needs of professional developers working in the ever-evolving paradigm of composable software, web services, and open APIs. Eschewing traditional PowerPoint or video based training followed by multiple-choice tests, Radical Skills offers a training experience that is project-based and hands-on: write code and earn badges for building authentic applications.

Each Twilio <Skills> project provides instruction, contextualized links to documentation, requirements for what to build, and testing and troubleshooting guidelines to make sure everything works as planned. When you’re ready, submit your application and Radical Skills uses the Twilio Connect API to automatically test the application at a functional level (not just for verbatim strings) and validate that it works. Complete a set of projects successfully and earn badges that demonstrate your skills with Twilio products.