Radical Skills Power Developers

Do the developers in your community have Radical Skills?

Having a community of highly skilled developers is critical to the success of any technology.

Do your developers have what it takes? How do you know?

Did they watch a video? Or pass a quiz? Does that give you confidence that they can build real software?

We believe that the only way to gain real development skills is to dig in to a real development project and write some real code. This belief underlies our entire approach to developer training.

With Radical Skills you can deliver online, self-paced, project-based training to your developer community and with our automated project validation you can have full confidence that they can successfully build real working software.

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Developer Training Portals

Provide your developer community with a training portal featuring:

  • Multiple levels and badges
  • Project-based lessons
  • Automated validation of student projects
  • Complete reporting

Authoring Tools

Our cloud-based authoring tools will enable your technical experts to create your own content:

  • Templated lesson creation
  • Live preview of all content
  • Reviewers can provide feedback inline with each content section
  • Manage authoring and review process from a visual dashboard


Need help getting started? Radical Skills can provide:

  • Developer training strategy
  • Recommended curriculum structure
  • Content prototyping and development
  • Mentoring for your content development team